Free Speech Ball at Colorado School of Mines

Here at the Colorado School of Mines there is a speech code that requires us to receive permission to host an event in the outdoor public areas. We need to give them 3 days notice before doing anything. We find this to be an unconstitutional policy, so we want to fight it.

In order to do this, we had broken the rules and held our event without giving them the notice. The event was a free speech ball for people to write on. While we did not receive a reaction from the administration for us to fight the code, we did have a good time with the ball. We got a lot of attention, and it was great to see how many people like the idea of free speech. The push back we received was minimal, and we even got some staff to write on it. 

We handed out a good amount of Constitutions, and received about 15 more sign-ups for the club. This was my first time personally doing an event like this, but I enjoyed it and had a great time. The next step is to ensure that we are able to actively fight the harmful speech code by receiving a reaction from the admin. They are currently in the process of transitioning their current speech code into a new one, so I will be keeping an eye on exactly what they change. All-in-all, I would consider this event a success. Thanks again to everyone at YAL for helping out and making this event possible!

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