Free Speech Ball at Folsom Lake College

We found a lot of success with our first free speech event today. State chairs Shannon and Isaac joined us and helped us advance the fight for free speech. Many people signed the ball, and a lot of them signed our petition as well. We had some great conversations with liberty-minded individuals like ourselves, such as a guy who talked to us about anarchy and the role of government.

One person we talked to likes Ron Paul and discussed his views on the central bank, while still another gave opinions on a wide variety of things like transgenderism. There were some interesting things written on the Free Speech Ball, such as a quote by Voltaire and “Live long and prosper.” Pepe memes and a giant chicken drawing were also featured on our ball.

We plan to meet with the club on the following Tuesday, and to move recruiting to Wednesdays once we reach a critical mass of three dedicated people who can do Wednesdays.

We got two more dues-paying members, and we will be going to dinner tonight with them! It was a good day for recruitment and we can’t wait to make liberty win the next time.

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