Free Speech Ball at Fort Lewis College

This was not our first time doing the free speech ball event and it will not be our last! We had already gained a lot of attention as “those guys with the giant inflatable ball”. People tend to say the sequel was never as good as the original, but with our organized plan set in place at our meetings, and our status as a registered student organization, we made this event more successful than the last.
We reused our old ball from last year. There was plenty of space for more speech! We caught everyone at just the right time and we focused on getting signups for our petition. Every petition slot was filled out. We we able to add over 20 people to our mailing list for Young Americans for Liberty FLC that day. Wow! We’re working our way up to recruiting more members and finding those among us who are devoted to carry on our tradition of liberty year after year. I’m excited we were able to get so many people excited for liberty, and I look forward to what the rest of the semester holds.

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