Free Speech Ball at Grand Valley State University

 Roughly this time last year, Grand Valley was the subject of national controversy when students from the Turning Point USA chapter were arrested for handing out pocket Constitutions. A lawsuit was taken up against the university by this group, and in November, the court ruled in the students’ favor. This was a quick and awesome display of free speech winning over draconian codes on college campuses. Those of us in Lakers for Liberty rejoiced, and this past Friday, March 23rd, we teamed up with Leadership Institute members Nathan Williamson and Rebekah Beeton, to do our own free speech ball. The reason this was done was in response to reports that the university was up to its old tricks. We decided to challenge the codes once more. This time, however, we were not stopped and ended up receiving massive student support in our favor. For a Friday, when our campus is quiet, we picked up nearly 80 signatures in support of free speech! This was refreshing and inspiring, and we plan on keeping this pro-speech fervor going!

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