Free Speech Ball at Haverford College

Hello liberty lovers!

We here at Haverford College are excited to get started this year, but first we need to recap last semester:

The YAL chapter here at Haverford College had a wonderful set of Free Speech related activities during the final weeks of our school year. First and foremost, Jay Colon, our chapter president, met with the President of Haverford, Kim Benston, and a small group of other students concerning free speech on not only our own college campus, but on college campuses across the country. There was an engaging discussion with a wide set of expressed opinions concerning this year’s protests of “hate speech” on college campuses, disinvited speakers, trigger warnings in classrooms, and various other related topics. Although not everyone shared the same opinions, it was nevertheless an engaging discussion and an opportunity to spread YAL’s message to others.

The next event was the screening of the “Can We Take A Joke?” documentary, which touched on the history of free speech in our country and on American college campuses. Although only two students arrived, the small size of the audience allowed us to have lengthy discussions about the documentary and also allowed us to spark a passion for liberty in a student who is now one of our Co-Vice Presidents here at the Haverford College chapter of YAL, Max Sonin.

The last event we had this year was the free speech ball. After blowing up that behemoth of plastic and air (as those of you who have done it before know, it is not easy), we rolled it around campus. This allowed people to sign it with whatever and however they wished. We were lucky enough to even have a few prospective students sign the ball as well, letting them know what YAL is all about. We actually rolled the ball around on two separate days on account of rain, which was lucky for us, since we were available to expose the ball to even more people! Once we were finished rolling the ball around campus, we had people from three different schools sign and four different languages on the ball! During this upcoming school year, we here at Haverford hope to continue our commitment to free speech. We look forward to doing more to further the cause of liberty in the future!

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