Free Speech Ball at Lock Haven University

On Thursday, March 24th, 2016, Lock Haven University’s YAL chapter pushed a Free Speech Ball along Ivy Lane. We began near the fountain, allowing the ball to be visible to a large portion of campus, and slowly began attracting people. Around 11:00, as classes let out, the crowd around our ball grew as more people were wondering what our event was all about. We wanted to make sure students saw the importance of free speech on our campus.
Free Speech Ball
At 12:30, we pushed the ball towards the Bentley Dining Hall, repeatedly stopping to allow more people to write on the ball. We also handed out flyers advertising our upcoming screening of CitizenFour the following week. Thanks to our chapter’s adviser, the Free Speech Ball was featured in our local newspaper, Lock Haven Express.


Overall, this event was a great success and helped show students the importance of free speech. We look foward to having more events on campus and spreading the message of liberty.
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