Free Speech Ball at Marshall University

In celebration of Constitution Week and to raise awareness of the importance of the right to free speech, Marshall University’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter rolled around a free speech ball for three days, as well as handed out pocket Constitutions sent to us by the Leadership Institute.

The planning for this event started a few weeks before when we requested the activism kit and stipend from YAL national. We got $100 and bought a giant 12-foot beach ball from Amazon.

The first day was great, complete with sunshine and no wind. We got over 175 sign-ups the first day. The second and third days were a bit windy, which proved difficult with keeping the ball from rolling away (I would suggest having at least three people with the ball at all times). Over the course of the three days, we got almost 300 sign ups!

Marshall’s speech codes aren’t too terribly oppressive, but the University did face backlash last year because there were chalkings for three candidate, Clinton, Sanders, and Trump, but the University only removed the Trump chalkings. We wanted to do this activism event not because we wanted to challenge Marshall’s speech codes, but because we wanted to preserve the atmosphere of free speech and raise awareness of the importance of that right.

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