Free Speech Ball at Seattle U’s Quadstock Festival

Our YAL chapter had the great opportunity of being able to host a table at our school’s annual music festival, Quadstock. We decided this would be a great opportunity to promote the values of free speech here at Seattle University. 

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While the weather was definitely not on our side to begin with, a little rain is nothing compared to the power of liberty! The response was definitely a lot bigger than we had anticipated.

We were able to answer a lot of questions about YAL, and hand out many flyers with information on our chapter, along with pocket constitutions. Also, we were able to engage many students in discussions on our views of the importance of free speech, and how it applies to college campuses. 

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Overall, this was a very successful event. We were glad to have the opportunity to leave the SU community with something to remember about YAL before we all have finals, and then head home for summer. We look forward to what the liberty movement has in store for the next academic year! 

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