Free Speech Ball at Shippensburg University

The BallCourtneyLast week I was finally able to get the weather to cooperate on campus and break out the Giant Free Speech Ball!! It was a hit with all the students. It was a lot of fun reading all of the ideas students had. For every stance written there was another student who wrote they stood on the opposite side. Everything except the drug war. Everyone was all about ending the war on drugs. 

I also learned that people walking in groups were about twice as likely to stop and talk as a single student walking alone. One time there was a group of five ladies. Only one of them was interested in writing on the ball, but once she stopped and the others saw how fun it was they all joined in and I was able to get all five of them to sign up. 

Overall the day was very successful, I was able to get about a page and a half of sign-ups over the course of 3 hours, one of them is even interested in becoming for vice president of the club. Ball 2

Me and my Ball

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