Free Speech Ball at University of California Los Angeles

This past week, Young Americans for Liberty at UCLA was able to participate in a campus-wide exercise of our 1st amendment rights: hosting a free speech ball. Located in the center of our campus, YAL encouraged fellow students and faculty to express their own beliefs, no matter how contentious or controversial, by hand-writing their thoughts on our large, inflatable ball. The ball itself, from sheer size, was enough to quickly capture the attention of the campus community, and our peers immediately made their way to our free speech instrument. Within minutes, students from all sides of the political and cultural spectrum had covered the ball with their thoughts on a wide range of subjects. From tax policy to favorite athletes, from views on abortion to hip-hop song lyrics, the free speech ball on campus encouraged numerous students to actively pursue their right to free expression. It was an amazing activity, and to the have the opportunity to witness fellow students come together to exercise their 1st amendment rights helped demonstrate the importance of such liberty. YAL at UCLA was overjoyed to see how well the event was perceived by UCLA students and faculty, alike. We see this occasion as an encouraging step forward in spreading YAL’s belief in libertarian principles and American values across our campus community.

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