Free Speech Ball at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Last week, a few members of our executive board and Sasha Anderson got outside and did a little activism. We talked to a few students about our organization and we had a lot of people interested in showing up to our meetings. It was overall a fun time! I really enjoyed getting out there and talking to people about free speech.

Some people wrote some interesting stuff.  My favorite was when someone wrote something along the lines of “Down with free speech” or “end free speech”. It’s interesting because they could have been sarcastic or serious but it’s ironic nonetheless. Writing that you’re against free speech on a ball that is for free speech that is also advertising for an org that is all about free speech. Absolutely love it.

Overall, it was a great time. I love doing the free speech ball. Especially when it’s warm out and not in the middle of midterms. I can’t wait for the next one! Hopefully it will be warmer and people will be more open to standing outside and having heated debates. Love free speech!

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