Free Speech Ball at Western Carolina University

     In truth, a speech ball is a protest. Most everyone affiliated with YAL knows that. We use speech balls to protest unconstitutional speech codes on campuses all across the nation. I, however, like to take a different approach. To me, while a speech ball might technically be a protest, I prefer to look at it as more of a great event that merely gets the school community involved. Luckily, at WCU, we have had very little opposition, and most everyone loves these events.

     This was the first time that my State Chair, Benjamin Waldman, had visited WCU. I hope he’ll visit again soon! Everyone who comes to WCU for their first time can’t resist the friendly environment snuggled deep in the mountains of western NC. We got a lot of support, and as usual, the students loved it! I would like to thank Ben for coming up to help, and I would also like to thank Connor Johnson, Noah Moore, Chris Textor, and Bear Cook for helping out.

     I will be graduating in May, Lord willing. I hate to leave YAL and WCU, but I’m definitely exciting to enter the next stage of life. I have confidence that whoever takes my place at WCU for chapter president will produce excellence. I am very excited about YAL Spring Summit in March in Charlotte, and I know my chapter members are as well. I hope to have at least one more speech ball before I graduate. Let’s get out there and #MakeLibertyWin!

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