Free Speech Ball at Western Michigan University

Young Americans for Liberty at Western Michigan University had our first free speech ball event of the semester today, and it was a huge success. Over approximately two hours, nearly one hundred students contributed to the free speech ball, offering their thoughts on a variety of issues while expressing their first amendment right to free speech. The ball was located in the primary tabling and recruitment location on campus, near the flagpoles that hundreds of students walk by each hour. It was great to engage students of all backgrounds and see what issues, serious or lighthearted, mattered to them. At the end, most space on the ball was covered with commentary of all sorts, and we received a few dozen new sign ups for our chapter. A wonderful event and extremely relevant in the current political context. We couldn’t have done it without help from our friend Nathan Berning from the Leadership Institute, who equipped us with a new ball and helped us with recruitment. 

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