Free Speech Ball at Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University held our third free speech ball of the year last week, to great success! With the help of our friend Nathan Williamson of the Leadership Institute, we rolled our free speech ball all around WMU’s campus for nearly four hours.

Unlike the freezing cold temperatures and near blizzard conditions of our previously attempted free speech ball, last week’s conditions were rather pleasant, and hundreds of students were out around campus and willing to stop, observe and contribute to our celebration of free speech and expression. Everything from controversial political statements, The Office quotes, Instagram handles, and dozens of memes made it on to the ball, which by the end of the afternoon, was entirely covered with gems of free speech. We engaged in constructive conversations with several students who challenged the unadulterated right to free speech, and distributed pocket constitutions to those who mistakenly believe hate speech legislation is warranted under our first amendment.

By the time we deflated, we had gathered over 100 sign ups from students interested in the principles of liberty or committed to defending free speech on campus. We hope to get many of those students to our meetings next semester, and continue to engage the WMU community in support of open and uncensored political discourse.

This photo was posted on the official WMU Library Facebook page. The administration is taking notice of our free speech efforts!

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