Free Speech Ball at Xavier University

On Monday, Xavier YAL hosted our annual Free Speech Ball. We started off the day with several equipment troubles; our pump briefly fell apart and the wind flipped our tent and broke part of the metal bars. After we fixed all our initial problems and inflated our ball, we immediately started talking to students asking how often they used their First Amendment rights.

We were outside for almost 5 hours with the ball, which really helped us reach a large amount of students. I encountered many students who felt they could not use their First Amendment rights right now due to the turbulent political climate, to which they were grateful we offered this ball for them to write their thoughts. We encountered students who didn’t believe in libertarianism or conservatism but still believed that the First Amendment was important and wrote on the ball. We ended the day with nearly 20 signups, a ball full of proof that students use their First Amendment, and lots of sunburns. 

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