Free Speech Ball @College of Charleston

On Thursday, March 8th, the College of Charleston’s YAL, Turning Point USA, and College Republican chapters all worked together to host a free speech ball event on the college campus. Here we advocated for free speech while also asking students to sign a petition to protect free speech on the College of Charleston campus. We had an amazing turnout of young college students who were more than willing to express their political, and personal beliefs, while standing for everyones right to free speech, and free expression. We did not host a meeting afterwards due to the fact that we had other organizations meeting, but we made an impact on our campus, especially to those who came to our table, claiming to be looking for us.This showed one of our major problems of marketing and getting our name out there for people to see and hear our beliefs and principles. We are planning 2 more events using YAL activism kits to advocate for bringing our troops home, and ending thE drug war, and I look forward to fighting for liberty at CofC

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