Free Speech Ball @ ENMU!

On Sept. 22nd 2016, I met a wonderful human being that was walking around at Eastern New Mexico University with a huge beach ball. We were standing outside of our music building when I saw Jess our New Mexico State Chair walking with the ball. Out of curiosity we asked her what she was doing and she explained to me that she was doing a free speech activism event for an Organization called Young Americans for Liberty. She explained what the organization did and the purpose. I then asked her about different issues that YAL does and my favorite thing she said was that we can discuss any issue that we care about that we thinks needs to be brought to the attention our administration. Later, that day she called me and asked me if I was interested in starting the chapter, after talking to her and a few of my friends I decided to start the chapter and that same day my friends Malin, and Kyra to join as well to get us active! Now I can not wait to do Restore the 4th! I am so excited to work with YAL and Jess here in NM!


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