Free Speech Ball event

On October 6th 2016 we embarked on our most daring and popular event that we had ever done as a chapter. We rolled our 12 Ft. in diameter ball around campus and we really turned some heads when we rolled past them. We asked if they wanted to sign it with what ever they desired within reason.

We had many differing opinions but it really got some of our students at the university thinking about the unconstitutional policies that Ball State has in place that limit not just the first amendment but the second and the fourth. We educated our student body on rights that they are given under the constitution that are being violated at the university.

We had many university police officers drive by but none stopped us which I thought was rather odd. I notified the school a day in advance which intentionally violated campus policy regarding events that involve more than fifty students. All in all it was a great experience we had a record of 160 sign ups across all demographics and parties. We are really making civil liberties a main focus going forward to get the administration to act and be able to overturn our speech and other codes at Ball State.

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