Free Speech Ball Event at Eastern University

The YAL chapter at Eastern University held a free speech ball event on the patio of our Dining Commons. The lovely people over at Plant Ops sacrificed their lunch break in order to help us blow up the ball. Initially, we had some issues transporting the ball due to strong winds throughout the day but we eventually were able to get it to where it needed to go. 
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We got around 80 signatures despite the small size of our school. Many students were excited and had a variety of kind things to say. Some of the things written on the ball included inspirational quotes, religious and spiritual sayings and comments of political controversies. One of the employees from the social media department on campus took a ton of pictures and promoted our event.
The highlight of the day was when one of our members got into a debate with a professor about free speech. The topics expressed in the discussion included issues of offense and morality. 

Overall, it was a successful and exciting day and we hope to host at least one free speech ball event every semester. The fight for free speech continues at Eastern University. 
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