Free Speech Ball event at California State University at Sacramento

On February 20th, the CSUS Young Americans for Liberty chapter went out and did a free speech ball event. This event was not only to showcase to Sac State students what a YAL event is, but also to promote free speech on our campus. Sacramento State has free speech restrictions on time, place and manner which are ultimately unconstitutional. Today we raised awareness to students that may have been uninformed of those free speech restrictions. We had a fun time talking to new people and telling them more about YAL and rolling around our free speech ball. There was a lot of writing by the time we deflated the ball and that is good because it shows students exercising their right to free speech. Along with the many signature on the ball, there were about 40 plus signatures on board with the free speech petition. The CSUS Snap Chat area had our ball trending in certain parts of the campus which is great for raising awareness. To conclude, our day of activism went great! We not only reached out to new people on behalf of YAL but we also brought the issue of free speech on college campuses front and center.

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