Free Speech Ball Event was a Success at Auburn University – Montgomery!

In YAL at AUM’s first on-campus event since it’s abandonment a few years ago, YAL AUM Chapter President Luke Lemire, along with Leadership Institute Field Representative Daniel Patrick, was able to get the signatures of over 70 people to show their support of the 1st Amendment and their right to free speech in order to repeal AUM’s unconstitutional free speech zone.

The enthusiasm and support from students alike were very encouraging for us and gave us hope for the future of freedom in America! However, most people were shocked to find that AUM had a designated free speech zone on campus, including YAL’s AUM Chapter President, Luke Lemire. Even more worrying, there were some students who didn’t even know what the 1st Amendment was! Though this is discouraging, it just further shows YAL’s need being present at AUM in order to educate their student body about liberty, free markets, volunteerism, and self-government. YAL at AUM has a long way to go, but by the end of 2018, it should have a strong chapter on campus.

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