Free Speech Ball Event

This year, the Indiana University Southeast Chapter decided to do a Free Speech Ball for Constitution Week! It was a raging success and we indeed did have a “Ball.”

Love for Free Speech

We believed that an eight foot inflatable ball would draw in students from all over the political spectrum…and it did! Libertarians, Democrats, Independents, Republicans, and probably some Whigs, came to our Free Speech Ball and proved that Free Speech is Popular!   

Free Speech Bros

Also this year, we were joined by Leadership Institute’s Indiana Field Representative, Josh Ibarra. His skill in drawing people in and closing the deal in terms of them signing up were invaluable to our success! Shout out to Josh! You go man!

Gettin' those Sign-Ups!


People from All over the World came to write on the Free Speech Ball :D

Students were shocked when they learned they could say anything they wanted on our Free Speech Ball!

The Calm before the Storm...of FREE SPEECH!!! :D



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