Free Speech Ball Excites Club Fair at CSU Channel Islands

Shortly following a successful recruitment drive, the CI chapter was back in action! With the help of our two wonderful State Chairs: Tamineh Dehbazorgi and Isaac Edikauskas, we gathered lots of signatures from students for our petition to overturn the campus policy. This policy, SA.07.011, violates our First Amendment rights by restricting unabridged speech to two small spaces on a public university campus: the areas near Ojai Hall and the space ahead of Broome Library. On principle, we believe that such speech zones are wrong; that all areas of campus should be open for students to exercise their First Amendment rights. As always, bringing out the Free Speech Ball attracted the attention of many students and moved them towards supporting our vision for open dialogue across the board! During our event, we encountered Matt and Jesse, the President and VP of the CI Republicans, who also showed support for our cause. But we also faced some peaceful opposition, some of which decorated our ball, yet drove our point home that free speech matters to everyone. YAL at CI looks forward to broadening its influence on campus with more of these events, so expect more news to come!

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