Free Speech Ball FLC

On October 17th and 19th, Young Americans for Liberty, Fort Lewis College had their very first activism event. We were able, as a team to have the free speech ball out for a total of 6 hours during Free Speech Week. We amassed an incredible number of people around our ball right after lunch. With only 2 sharpies to share, many people had to wait in order to write on the ball. We were also fortunate to be the center of many pictures and snapchat stories. My officers let me know how much fun the event was and how effective it was at catching the students’ eyes. Our efforts resulted in two new people showing up to our Young Americans for Liberty meeting that night. They were enthusiastic about liberty and were very knowledgable on indigenous law and rights. Overall I believe that most students on our campus resonated with the idea of free speech, which is encouraging. Perhaps it will be possible and easy to organize students to stomp out censorship if the need arises. I’m excited that our group is growing, and we’ll be even more prepared for our next event.

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