Free Speech Ball part 2


On September 15,  YAL at the University of Delaware rolled out the old Free Speech Ball for round two. A friend of mine kicked it off with “How to Train Your Dragon is better than Game of Thrones” and from there the free speech ensued, with messages light and serious canvasing the ball. Like last time, we were well received. Many students liked the idea, and again many Constitutions were given out. The University took no action against us.

In addition, this time I was surprised to find that the weekly campus newspaper, the Review, was eager to do an article about the event. Thank you to Pooja Bachani for helping set up the interview. The person they sent was enthusiastic and interested in what we were doing. Our treasurer Alex Closs and I were happy to talk about the event, as well as provide information on YAL as a whole and its mission. Unfortunately coverage of UD’s DACA protest prevented publication of the article (for the time being at least) but the Free Speech Ball has a great future in Delaware!


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