Free Speech Ball Rain or Shine at University of California Santa Cruz

Our first event of the semester at University of California Santa Cruz was definitely an interesting one. Doubling down on YAL’s efforts to reform speech policies within the UC system, our state chair and Leadership Institute Field Representative met us on campus with petition sheets, custom to our school.

We started recruiting with the free speech ball and were able to have College Republicans and a sorority to sign our petitions. Most students were unaware that the UC system had such restrictive policies, and some even agreed with the policiesl. We were able to do some networking as there were a couple of other student groups that were also recruiting nearby, one group in particular was students for sensible drug reform. We were able to get a few people to sign the ball before our efforts were dampened by the rainfall. Still worth it as always.

Later that night we were able to get some members of the chapter and a leader from ssdr, along with the chapter president from Monterey Bay. We had some great conversations about liberty, freedom, and our plans for the semester.

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