Free Speech Ball @ UHD!

YAL UHD hosted our first free speech ball event! For 6 hours we challenged the student body to draw, write, or sign whatever they wanted, the result? A very full beach ball, and over 120 students signed up to join our chapter!

Part of the reason for us holding this event is our advisor let us know the Academic Policy Committee is considering a speech policy, and we were raising awareness amongst the student body to this development in hopes of fostering an open dialogue to the importance of free speech on campus, as well as directing student pressure to sway the committee to preserve the open dialogue environment our campus now enjoys.

A great conversation came from a professor reflecting how she addresses dissenting voices in her classroom, and how she’s committed to letting dissenting voices have their say, while other students had tales of other professors that didn’t hold open dialogue as high, and how they felt those professors were less effective thus not able to handle different points of view.

Despite it being homecoming week, and our campus being full of events and activities, the student activities office has been nothing but supportive! We’re currently working with them to be able to display our fully signed free speech ball on campus to show our Gator Pride and to show our commitment to a vibrant and welcoming marketplace of ideas on our campus!

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