Free Speech Beach Ball Takes Off at Cornell University

Young Americans for Liberty at Cornell University just held it’s first event on campus, a free speech beach ball!  Students were encouraged to write or draw what they pleased on a giant free speech ball, and to read what others expressed.  They were also encouraged to sign a petition to promote and protect free speech on campus based on the Chicago Principles. 
The Event Begins!
In just three hours we obtained over 75 signatures for the petition, and many more expressed themselves on the ball.  We even received contact information from several incoming freshmen who were visiting Cornell and interested in the club for next year!
Students signing Free Speech Ball
Additionally, the event created an open forum for conversation between students and chapter members alike about expressions on the ball and other prominent issues facing our society.  Overall, the event proved to be a massive success, and the chapter will hopefully perform one more event before school closes out for the spring.
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