Free Speech Board at Oakland University

Young Americans for Liberty at Oakland held their first activism event of the spring semester on Monday! Oakland University is an example of a yellow light university. There are certain regulations that prohibit the full expression of thought within the university in regards to distribution and organization. For example, if someone were to pass out flyers on campus ground, it would need approval of the administration in OU. There are not any clear specifics on what is allowed and what is not allowed to be spread within the university. It is only that whatever is being distributed or organized within the university requires the approval of the university(Link below regarding the policies).

Our YAL chapter challenged the idea of such regulations by bringing in a board inside the Oakland Center to give students the opportunity to practice their free speech by writing whatever they want on the board. Members of YAL also explained to students what YAL is and  what they stand for i.e. constitutional rights, & individual rights to see if they also are interested in learning more about the organization. Over forty students volunteered to write on the board with the insurance of YAL that they are absolutely free to express whatever they want.


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