Free Speech Day at Sierra College, CA

Today we had a guest from Chico State – YAL State Chair Shannon Dailey – to assist our club in our semester’s first free speech day here at Sierra College. Our plan was to have a GIANT inflatable ball for students to write all over. Despite bringing three air pumps we could not inflate the ball. So, instead we canvassed outside our library. We were able to sign up 25 new members to our mailing list.

We spoke with many interested students and our discussions centered around the free speech zone we have on campus. All of the students that we spoke with were unaware that Sierra has a free speech zone. In some instances, our conversations sparked other interesting topics; for example, I spoke with a veteran police officer and two science majors on gun rights. This was a great opportunity to hear from my fellow students. While we did get many eye rolls and shrugs, most of the people we encountered were non aggressive. Overall, it was an eventful day and it was all thanks to Shannon coming by and helping us- team work makes the dream work! #MakeLibertyWin

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