Free Speech Demonstration

On September 26, the University of Southern Mississippi hosted a free speech demonstration. The chapter began around 11 a.m. in a free speech zone with the free speech ball and three flags. The flags were a Mississippi State flag, a rainbow flag with the gadsden snake superimposed, and a rebel flag with a picture of a bald eagle riding an 18-wheeler in the middle.

We had dozens of students stop by and sign the ball, people shout ignorant phrases without asking about our cause, and even one student try to destroy or items. We eventually migrated to a section outside of the free speech zone, where we were met with hostile students leaving their classes for lunch. After a few minutes, ignorant staff members began to come outside and proceeded to contact the campus police. When the police arrived, members began video taping the encounter. We were told that we were out of the free speech zone, but the officer obliged to escort us back to a free speech zone.

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