Free Speech Erases Stereotypes at Spring Hill College

Have you ever stopped and wondered about how the Constitution plays into the everyday life of a liberal arts college student?

When thinking of a Catholic liberal arts college, one might first think that a Free Speech Wall would end up proving any and all negative notions when answering this question. However, when the Spring Hill College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty asked their fellow liberal arts college students “What does freedom mean to you?” all of those antagonizing notions were immediately disproven.

This wall, made of three 4×4 panels of paper, stood in the student center with pens always available 24 hours a day for five straight days, and it became so much more than just a wall. These students really took advantage of this opportunity, and their answers ranged from “No drug war” to “No cops on campus” to “dancing naked” (granted there were a few scribbles about minimum wage, but nobody’s perfect). Some students even marked RT (retweet) next to answers already posted. And whether YAL members were there or not, students that were passing through and participating were always respectful and sincere in their answers.

SHC YAL's free speech wall

Every space of the wall was filled, and the chapter gained a ton of popularity, resulting in a drastic attendance increase at our meetings, including our follow-up meeting this past week on police brutality. This meeting featured a Q&A with three of the Spring Hill police officers – including the chief of police – as the discussion featured not only the student body’s opinion on police brutality but a police viewpoint on the issue.

YAL members talking with two of the SHC cops.

Specific topics included Ferguson and a police shooting that occurred at the University of South Alabama resulting in the death of a freshman.

SHC YAL with the Chief of police and two SHC cops

Our chapter looks to take advantage of our newfound popularity as we continues to succeed in educating our fellow students on the culture of liberty. 

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