Free Speech event at Delaware University

Earlier this week, on Monday, February 19th, YAL at the University of Delaware held our first free speech ball of the semester. It was a cold, gloomy February day in the Northeast, but the central Green of campus was busy as ever in between classes. The ball was up soon after one o’clock and was manned by at least two (most of the time more) free speech warriors until around 5. The ball was nearly covered by the end of the afternoon, with messages from across the political spectrum as well as others mentioning chemistry faculty, Rick and Morty, and personal shoutouts. A number of campus tours came by and though they didn’t have time to stop, one tour guide pointed us out to the prospective parents and students. Some visiting local middle schoolers also came by, got their introduction to college activism, and seemed to really enjoy it. By the end, we had almost run out of pocket Constitutions! All in all, it was a pretty successful event and we can’t wait until the Cleveland Spring Summit to #MakeLibertyWin

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