Free Speech Event at Rocky

On Wednesday the Rocky Mountain College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty launched their Fight for Free Speech campaign, a movement to respect the fundamental rights and reform free speech codes.

The event included a large, 6-foot beach ball and students were encouraged to practice their free speech by writing on the ball. With the help of YAL resources, Rocky YAL student members and a member from the local Americans for Prosperity, we were able to host a fun event that got students to think about their constitutional rights.

Besides writing on the ball, we had books to hand out including FIRE’s guide to free speech on campus, as well as numerous pocket constitutions, all provided by YAL’s headquarters. We encouraged multiple students to take pocket constitutions and convinced a few to sign up for our club information.


Some were offended with some of the things written on the ball, such as “Trump is a flesh eating lizard” or, “Hillary is just two midgets stacked on top of each other,” or “I hate Bernie Sanders because I work hard for my money.”  However, even these people decided to write on the ball, usually writing a comment back to something that was written that they didn’t like. It was interesting seeing that so many people wrote on the ball, read the offensive things, and were able to laugh the offensive things off and not get “triggered.”

Overall, we were all very happy with this event. It attracted multiple students in a unique and fun way. Students wanted to participate, we didn’t have to push them to.  I think it would be fun to do this event again in the spring.

Luckily, we were also able to get press coverage on Montana’s largest news station, KTVQ Q2 News.  Check out the write up!

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