Free Speech Event UNCA

The YAL chapter at the University of North Carolina Asheville decided to kick of our free speech events during the National Conference on Undergraduate Research on April 7th. The event was a great success as NCUR was attended by over 2000 students from schools nationwide as well as students and faculty from UNCA. 

The event consisted of a giant beach ball where students were able to sign the ball. We were trying to promote free speech on campus and show students how important it is. Students also took part in our petition. There were a total of 220 signatures with 24 of them being UNCA students. The success was in part due to the help of Sean Themea (Ithaca College, NY), Conor McGarry (California State University) and Brittany Wilson (UNC- Chapel Hill). 
Students were eager to find out more about YAL and it was also a great opportunity to advertise the upcoming documentary viewing of “Can we Take a Joke?” which is tentatively planned for the 28th of April. 
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