Freedom doesn't take a summer breakOn June 27th several members of Indiana YAL decided summer was too long of a time to wait for free speech and decided to make their own activism…off campus. Using tools such as graph search, phone banks, and an endless stream of group chats, the members organized a speaker from Americans for Prosperity to come to Combat Ops Arena and to speak about free speech on college campuses and discuss what we can do as students to alter these unconstitutional codes. With the enticement of free pizza and free games of laser tag, the activism effort worked as we brought in several new members into the liberty movement and helped exposed the tragedy that is occurring on these campuses. Our efforts even caught the eye of our counties councilmen who decided to come out to our event and see what we are all about. He was highly impressed and wanted to do anything he could to help continue our movement. With such incredible success behind the collaboration we have learned one thing: YAL may start on campuses, but its outreach is boundless.may need a bigger room

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