Free Speech Makes a Splash on UAS

This semester has been a whirlwind of activity for us YAL’ers who attend the University of Alaska Southeast. Last Friday we held our Fall Recruitment Drive at our university’s Campus Kickoff. We sponsored the event for $35 from our club account, which got YAL’s logo on the free t-shirts given out during the event.

Fast-forward a couple days to Sunday and our chapter held our first ever picnic-social. It was a gorgeous summer Alaskan day with temperatures in the mid 70’s. We cooked some hot dogs, hamburgers and celebrated liberty (and perhaps the end of summer) on the beach with some new faces. It was a great time.

On Tuesday we were at it again, this time with Josh from the Leadership institute who flew over 3,700 miles to help us promote our free speech ball. This was the first activism event of the semester for us. It went off without a hitch and was loved by just about everyone on campus. Even professors, administrators and our kitchen staff were getting in on the fun and contributing to this useful lesson on the importance of free speech. It served as an important lesson on how one should react when confronted with speech they might not agree with, or perhaps find down right incendiary. The event went so well we went out and did it again on Wednesday! 

If there is one thing for sure, the academic community at UAS loves liberty!

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