Free Speech Petition at American University

On Wednesday February 17th, the American University chapter spent the afternoon tabling in promotion of free speech. We were eager to illustrate the clear need for free speech, especially on college campuses.
John Nagle Speaks with Two AU Students about Free Speech
Students were excited to listen and learn about the speech codes in place at American, with many appalled as to how restrictive the administration is with its policies. The cornerstone of the event was to promote a petition created by the chapter to highlight AU’s restrictive polices. Having amassed over 50 signatures in a few hours, we are happy with our results and plan on presenting the petition to members of the university’s administration.

We hope that AU will come to recognize the shortcomings with the current speech codes, and hope they will be amended for the betterment of the student community as a whole.

However, this was not the only free-speech related event that the chapter ended up promoting. We also highlighted and encouraged students to come listen to Greg Lukianoff speak the following night. As a former AU graduate, we were thrilled to be able to host Greg, and other students really seemed interested in attending the event and learning more about the history of speech codes and what can be done to remove them from campuses.
All together, we are very pleased with how well our tabling event went, and are eager to do more in the future.
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