Free Speech Petition at Wake Forest University

Today, the Vice President of the Wake Forest YAL chapter, John-Scott Galle, and I went around Wake Forest University and searched for people who want freedom of speech on the Wake Forest campus. We had quite a bit of success and garnered signatures from many people that believe freedom of speech is something that is vital to the environment of a college campus. The task also granted us the privilege of engaging in some short discussion about the importance of our personal liberties such as free speech and even educate some students about campus policies that effect free speech. Some of Wake’s policies seriously endanger students’ ability to express themselves freely, which is paramount to participating in a collegiate community.

In the future, we hope to engage people in even more discussion about personal liberties through more petitioning and by hosting a speech wall event where students are free to write anything they want as an exercise of their freedoms. Though we may face opposition from students and administration alike, liberty will thrive here at Wake Forest where we will continue to defend human rights and freedoms. 

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