Free Speech Petitioning at California State University, Sacramento

Sacramento State has free speech restrictions that are unconstitutional and that interfere with student activities. In response, our YAL chapter decided to get some free speech petitions going. These petitions were meant to target the time and place restrictions at Sac State. We made posters to grab the attention of students passing by in the walkways and to see how they feel about free speech. There were some mixed responses with some students willing to nod their head in agreement and other students did their thing and heckled. The students that were willing to sign the petitions were really interested in how free speech is on college campuses. We had great conversations with new faces with the students passing by and we even decided to meet up and continue to discuss free speech at a local restaurant. Overall, a fair amount of students today were exposed to the truth that Sacramento State holds some free speech restrictions but we are sure that our fight for free speech will make a difference!

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