Free Speech, Rain Delays, and Clipboarding, Oh My!

It has been a tremendous semester here at Columbus State University, but it has not been without its challenges. We have been working on ground breaking free speech code changes on our campus. We spent the semester focusing on growth and educating the student body on issues relevant to the liberty movement. Perhaps most importantly, the culture of our chapter continues to grow as we provide a community of liberty lovers in west central Georgia.

We did great things this semester. Josh, our outgoing chapter president, spent the semester serving on a Free Speech Committee, where he worked with Student Government to ensure that Columbus State University is a school that openly dedicates itself to freedom of speech. We went on campus and did a variety of clipboarding, tabling, and outreach events throughout the semester, growing our membership by 23%. When a series of rainy days and a generally stormy season led us to cancel several of our events, we made lemonade out of lemons by taking shelter from the rain with other students and spreading the message of liberty to them.


Joshua Staples, our president and the founder of our chapter, is graduating this semester. As we transition to new leadership, we reflect on our success and our future. We are a fairly new chapter, and in our short time, our chapter has enjoyed a great amount of growth. While we normally focus our attention on outreach on campus, we had a more intimate meeting for chapter members towards the end of the semester. There, we thanked Josh for his year of service to the organization, and discussed our vision for the future. Looking forward, YAL at Columbus State University seeks to develop leaders in our community and beyond. It will be interesting to see where our journey takes us.

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