Free Speech Wall 2.0 at Ursinus College

On April 14, the Ursinus’ YAL chapter set out to fight for free speech with a free speech wall.  But first, we had to build the wall.  We held a free speech wall on campus last semester, and saved most of the materials.  This made it very easy when assembling the wall this time around.  We saved the legs from the wall, so all we had to do was buy a sheet of plywood from the local hardware store.  We had help from a few of our members in building the wall.
The day of the event was a huge success.  We brought the wall to Olin Plaza at 10AM and kept the wall there all day and night.  Fortunately, the Ursinus administration encourages free speech and had no problem with this.  The wall filled up quickly and contained speech that ranged from positive comments to thought provoking comments to offensive comments. This event could not have been successful without the team effort from our members and officers.  
Our members worked the table and garnered several sign ups, while spreading the message of liberty.  This event also promoted our screening of, “Can We Take A Joke?” airing this weekend. 
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