Free Speech Wall at Cal State Fullerton

For Constitution Week at Cal State-Fullerton, we chose to focus on the freedom of speech protected by the Constitution’s First Amendment.  The first thing we did was apply for a Constitution Week activism kit from YAL which included 150 copies of pocket Constitutions, several copies of Economic Liberty and the Constitution from The Future of Freedom Foundation, and other materials for distribution.  In addition to all of the great materials for distributing we also received a generous $100 activism grant to fund our event—thank you to all of the sponsors who have made this event possible.

Free Speech Wall

We used the grant to buy the materials to assemble our Free Speech Wall.  We decided to make it out of wood and use poster board tacked to the face of it as the writing surface.  We were able to buy all of the hardware and wood for about $55 from Home Depot (the money left over was used to pay for pizza and soda at our meeting following the event).  It took around two and a half hours to cut and tack all of the pieces together to create 4-foot by 6-foot wall that was free standing three feet off of the ground. 

Assembling our wall

The day of our Constitution Week event had quickly arrived, and with help from core members of the group reassembling the wall in the quad on campus was a breeze.  We had our table set-up next to the wall to distribute pocket Constitutions and get more sign-ups.  Students and faculty were very intrigued by our Free Speech Wall; many took the opportunity to express themselves, while some curiously observed what other Titans had to say!

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