Free Speech Wall at McDaniel College

McDaniel College Young Americans for Liberty decided to reach out to the students for our first event!


We set up a wall in honor of our right to free speech in the center of campus. After the sign was set up, we found ourselves almost overwhelmed by the amount of students writing on it between classes!

A fair number decided to voice their displeasure with the foreign policy of the United States, as well as NATO as a whole.  Others took to writing how happy they were, or even about their displeasure with the policies of the college. Some students even questioned about whether they actually had freedom of speech.

Many of them were excited to be able to write their thoughts in view of the entire college. We were pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm for the free Constitutions we were handing out in honor of the first amendment.  This proved to be an excellent way to get the message of freedom out and into public view.


The day concluded with a selfie. For liberty.

Freedom Selfie

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