Free Speech Wall at the University of Kentucky

YAL @ the University of Kentucky got off to a great start to Constitution Week with our Tuesday night meeting. We were joined by Evan Wilson, a graduate of the UK College of Law. He was a great resource at our “Know Your Rights” meeting. Our goal was to educate students on their rights with police and on a public campus, as well as about policies relevant to student life. Success!

After the meeting, some members chalked constitutional amendments on sidewalks all around campus. By Wednesday morning we noticed that some amendments had been washed off the sidewalks, while others had not.


Our free speech wall was set up in our University’s unconstitutional “free speech zone.” Writing on the wall varied from political commentary to hashtags. Some people made mild additions to the Free Speech Wall, while others were extremely controversial and drew a lot of attention. The Kernel, a student newspaper, interviewed us.

University of Kentucky

We handed out constitutions and a lot of  people signed up for our group when they learned that we are trying to change university policy on the “free speech zone” to include all of campus. Many students we spoke with didn’t know about the “free speech zone.” By the end of the day, the wall was so full that most of the writings were overlapping each other!


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