Free Speech Wall at UMD

Many groups of people flocked to exercise their right to free speech

UMD has never had an event like this — an opportunity to celebrate the First Amendment the way the founders intended:  completely uncensored. It was an interesting experience for YAL to host such an event, because many students are very vocal about their opinions and a free speech wall was the perfect medium. 

As a matter of fact, the College Republicans and the College Democrats were so impressed by the idea that they actively helped with the event. It was a great way for all three of our groups to come together and celebrate Constitution week in unity.

Students enjoying what other students wrote

On Thursday, September 22 we set up our materials in the bus hub (where there is a lot of traffic) and got to work. During the event we handed out hundreds of pocket Constitutions and encouraged students to express anything they wanted on the board. Our table was adorned with attractive banners and candy to lure students in. We participated in engaging conversations about what is free speech and virtues of liberty. 

The great success of this year will compel us to have a similar event next year and even create a tradition of it. 

The Final Product

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