Free Speech Wall at Ursinus College Spring 2017

Ursinus wrapped up the semester with a free speech wall! We constructed the wall in the school’s wood shop; all of the materials were purchased at the local Home Depot the previous week. We stapled two large rolls of paper on the wall that overlapped each other.   The overlap created a lit bit of a “hook” for our sharpies to hang from, so students could just walk up and write on the wall as they pleased.  

We tabled next to the wall for about 6 hours and garnered several sign ups.  We promoted our screening of “Can We Take a Joke?” that night.  The event was a huge success and this is the 5th time we have done a free speech wall in the past 3 years.  It has become a huge hit on campus.  Many students tell us that they look forward to the free speech wall every semester.  The screening that night had about 15 students in attendance and was followed with a fruitful discussion about free speech.

This was our last event of the semester and we cannot wait to carry the momentum into next semester with Hannah Engber as our new President!  

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