Free Speech Wall by YAL @ USC

After discovering YAL at CPAC 2013, I endeavored to start a chapter at my college, the University of South Carolina. At first, I was all alone in my efforts, but people started jumping on board in rapid fire succession. Suddenly I found my self with a crowd of about 10 people who wanted this to happen.

After clawing our way through the administration’s red tape, our group was officially recognized by the college. Our first day tabling (On Constitution Day) was an overwhelming success with 100+ sign-ups while simultaneously passing out over 250 pocket Constitutions!
 First Table

The very next week, we set out to construct and display a Free Speech Wall. Since none of us had any real experience with carpentry, the set-up was quite an adventure. After crossing that hurdle, the Free Speech Wall was a smashing success! Hundreds of students stopped to sign the wall and have their voices heard! USC’s Student Government even dropped by to take pictures and post to their Twitter!




In total, we got 150+ sign-ups for our email list. This translated to an outstanding turnout of close to 30 people at our first meeting, something that we hope to replicate and expand upon in the future. Our first meeting was outstanding, we got to present YAL and its mission while also hearing from members of the student body and their feelings on the issues. Some of them even joined us for an evening Happy Hour afterwards!


All in all, YAL @ USC has taken off far faster than I could have possibly imagined. Our plans are only to expound upon our early successes. We’ve got great things planned for the coming semester that nobody will want to miss! Thanks to my fellow YALers for helping to make Constitution Week and our first meeting a huge success!

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