Free Speech Wall event at IUPUI

My campus, IUPUI, has organization called Democracy Plaza, which is controlled by another organization called Social Justice Education. They create boards with questions that they write, and control. If you want a question put up, you have to message them, and they will have to decide:

  • If the question is worthy
  • To filter the content of the question

If it passes those filters, the questions gets put up on the board. As someone who takes issue with centralized control of what are supposed to be boards on which people could free write whatever they want, me and my vice president Clay decided to have Free Speech surface of our own, and hold conversations. 

It got off to rough start as people were a bit hesitant. However, once a couple of people wrote their piece, it took off from there!

Free Speech Event (near start)

After a few minutes

As it progressed, so did participants (at one point, we got a bit of a crowd!):

A bit of a crowd here, for two people!

This was our most successful event this semester. This, and a few other things, led to Social Justice Education deciding to have a couple of boards be “free-for-all”s. 

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