Free Speech Wall for Liberty @ Dayton

James El-Fakir (Treasurer) and Eric Petro (Vice-President) fighting for the right to speak

The University of Dayton Young Americans for Liberty are once again
making noise in the University of Dayton community as we have now held successful free speech wall event. As one of the newest groups on campus, we may not be vast in number, but we have the passion and the drive to spread liberty and a love of the constitution and the rights which it guarantees us. Today, that right is freedom of speech, an issue that has recently come to the forefront of the conversation at UD due to the University’s policy on political speech on campus.

As a group, we wanted to make it known that we support the right of every UD student to speak their mind, no matter what the subject. After about two hours of our event, mother nature spoke her mind, and forced us to retreat to the safe dry of indoors. Due to the fact that we had reserved space outside only, this unfortunately meant we had to close up shop. Despite the bad weather, we were still able to reach out to many students and receive a vast array of viewpoints from a diverse selection of students as they meandered around campus. We next meet on Wednesday the 24th and we will then discuss more activism opportunities for our chapter!

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